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ProfitWell Subscription Index

A daily dataset to track growth and revenue shifts
in the B2B SaaS and DTC subscription markets.

We deserve better tools to handle economic downturns. Fortunately, at ProfitWell, we’re in a unique position to help the B2B SaaS and DTC subscription community with the ProfitWell Subscription Index, a set of data to help you understand where the market is heading.

We’ve aggregated and cleaned the largest subscription dataset in the world so you can track how growth, new and lost revenue, and different verticals are shifting—every single day. You’re still going to have to make the tough decisions. Yet, our hope is to make those decisions just a bit easier—a little bit more data informed—so you can get back to focusing on your product and your customer.

Your B2B SaaS Index—growth, loss, and gains:

*Graphs displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Sign up required for access to actual index.

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